Head, Heart, Hands: Reflections on Life at Schumacher College

The Old Postern, where much of life and activity at Schumacher College takes place.
Ernst Friedrich “Fritz” Schumacher; 19 August 1911–4 September 1977
The Main Hall in the Old Postern. Much activity occurs here, including Satish’s Fireside Chats.
The ‘growers’ (students in the agricultural apprenticeship program) at play in the garden behind the Old Postern.
My last supper at the college, with new friends.
The main hall at Dartington Estate. This scene greeted me the first time I took the 15 minute walk up to the gardens from the college. It was the brightest and best formed rainbow I’ve ever seen.



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Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

Writer, Educator, and Consultant working in Food, Fermentation, and Regenerative Agriculture. See about.me/MarkjPHL for writing and affiliations.